Board of Directors

The Mission of the Spring ISD Education Foundation is to generate and distribute resources to the Spring Independent School District to enhance the quality of education.

  • Debra Beeman

  • Bruce Bentley

  • Capt. Donald Davis

  • Beth Fuller

  • Ken Grays

  • Robert Hook

  • Debbie Kaschik

  • Adam Keel

  • Brandon Huffman

  • Peggy Husky

  • Yolanda Humphrey

  • Stelle Lacefield

  • Jennifer Leadbetter

  • Donna Lewis

  • Gloria Marshall

  • Janice McDonald

  • Desyre Morgan

  • Kathy Morrison

  • Rhonda Newhouse

  • Gary Nokes

  • Titi Ogunlana

  • Ed Roberson

  • Barbara Sherman

  • Dwight Rumph

  • Thelma Scott

  • Edward Wade

  • Merianne Wininger

  • Jill Wright

Our Staff

The Foundation relies almost exclusively on the work of volunteers. Sandra Harper Scott serves as the Foundation Coordinator to assist with the planning and execution of all the organization’s activities and grant management.

She can be reached at or at 281-891-6012

In addition, Spring ISD provides support to the Spring ISD Education Foundation by designating a liaison to ensure smooth communication and coordination between the district and the Foundation. Danielle Peckham, director of Special Projects, can be reached at or at 281-891-6133.

  • Sandra Scott

    Sandra Scott


    Danielle Peckham